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Our Story

Team Care Medicine®️ (TCM) was born out of Dr. Peter Anderson’s own experience as a primary care physician. Facing the challenges of early EHR implementation and other major shifts in the healthcare industry, his once successful practice was soon struggling to stay afloat. He found himself burned out and ready to quit the profession he once loved.

Out of desperation, Dr. Anderson and his staff made a number of fundamental changes that transformed his exam room process. The TCM Model emerged as the solution that saved his practice, renewed his joy of practicing medicine, and restored his personal life.

TCM opened its doors in 2010 as a practice transformation consulting firm. Since then, its pioneering work in clinical exam room care has been endorsed by the American Medical Association, American Board of Internal Medicine, American Academy of Family Physicians, Family Practice Management, and healthcare leaders across the country.

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We at Team Care Medicine®️ understand that enhancing quality, productivity, and profitability are goals of most healthcare practices and systems. That’s why we offer customized, comprehensive solutions providing support at every organization level.

Our Staff

The Team Care Medicine®️ Leadership Team

Peter Anderson, MD


Steve Moberg

Chief Operating Officer

Laurie Anderson, RN

Principal and Senior Consultant

Judy McDowell

Principal Training Consultant

Jane Powell, RN

Senior Training Consultant

Cathi Pope, RN

Senior Training Consultant

Karen Evans, RN

Senior Training Consultant

Megan Klett


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