The TCM Model

Dynamic, high-functioning exam room teams

Empower Clinical Staff

In the TCM Model, clinical staff members become Team Care Assistants (TCAs) that are empowered to practice up to the limit of their license. Equipped to perform a variety of new tasks, a TCA conducts much of the exam room visit without the need to have the provider physically present.
Refocus Providers & Expand Access

In the TCM Model, providers no longer burn out from trying to do it all as solo performers in the exam room. Rather, they thrive as team captains for a larger clinical support team that frees the provider to focus only on the central elements of the patient exam. This, in turn, enables the provider to serve many more patients than under the traditional approach.
“The Team Care staff tee everything up so when I walk in the exam room I get the information I need quickly, and spend more of the encounter in face-to-face [patient] interaction.”
Gina Engel, MD UVA • Clinical Practice Group Medical Director
Delight Patients

In the TCM Model, patients see the provider on time, for the intended purpose of the visit, even on short notice. With the TCA coached to ask background health questions before the provider enters the room, population health metrics climb; and with the TCA scribing the visit, the provider looks the patient in the eye while performing the exam.
Deliver Quadruple Aim Results

In the TCM Model, executives enjoy a strong ROI from:

  • increased visit volume

  • expanded patient access

  • improved preventative health screening rates

  • restored physician satisfaction

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