New Book from Dr. Peter Anderson and Dr. Paul Grundy

Regardless of politics, personal opinions, or individual experience, it’s no secret that our healthcare system is broken and in desperate need of repair. And it’s become increasingly complex and frustrating, both for consumers and for those who provide care.

We’re excited to announce the release of a new book, co-authored by Dr. Anderson and Dr. Grundy, who bring a unique combination of personal experience and expertise to the quest for affordable and effective healthcare.

Lost and Found: A Consumer’s Guide to Healthcare is an up-to-the-minute guide designed to help consumers navigate the obstacles that stand between them and high-quality, affordable healthcare. Readers will learn about why primary care, more than any other aspect of medicine, will determine the quality of our healthcare as a nation. They’ll see the value inherent in a strong patient-physician relationship and how a “familiar physician” delivers the best preventive and acute care and chronic care management. And they’ll find out how to save money without sacrificing quality in today’s changing healthcare environment.

Advance praise for Lost and Found:

“Healthcare continues to get more complicated, confronting consumers again and again with critical decisions about health insurance, where to go, and how to get what you need from your medical care. There is an urgent need for helpful, unbiased information that isn’t selling something. Lost and Found provides trustworthy, practical advice on the major decisions that all of us have to make in getting the healthcare we want and need for ourselves and our loved ones.” 

— Edward H. Wagner, MD, MPH, Group Health Research Institute Senior Investigator Director (Emeritus), MacColl Center, Seattle, Washington


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