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  • One Patient's Engagement Saved Her Life

    One Patient’s Engagement May Have Saved Her Life

    How a patient feels about the quality of care they receive depends on the quality of interactions they engage in ...
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    Truth about Patient Relationships

    The Shocking Truth about Patient Relationships in Primary Care

    Knowing people, being involved with people, helping people, watching people grow, develop and change, over a period of time, is ...
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    Primary Care and the Dickensian Paradox

    Primary Care and the Dickensian Paradox

    To describe my feelings about the potential of the ACA as “skeptical” would have been an understatement. I would have ...
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    Primary Care CHallenges

    What Is Your Perspective As A Physician?

    Yesterday, I worked with a physician who works 80 hours every week. He, too, is experiencing difficulty in the way ...
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    Dysfunction in Primary Care

    Hi-Yo Dysfunction! Away!

    In one of my recent posts, I talked about the Lone Ranger doctor. One of the conclusions that I came ...
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    The Life of a Primary Care Physician

    Hi-yo Silver: The Life of a Primary Care Physician

    A recently posted article in the New England Journal of Medicine quoted a doctor who said that most residency training ...
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    Why Don't Physicians Want To Change?

    Why Don’t Primary Care Physicians Want To Change?

    The nation’s system of primary care is horribly broken...primary care is maddeningly stuck in a bygone era. [i]…primary care medicine ...
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