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  • Malpractice in Primary Care

    The Nine Forces Converging On Primary Care: #7 Malpractice And The Specter Of Defensive Medicine

    The seventh in a series of metaphoric bad weather descending on primary care medicine involves the ever-present threat of malpractice ...
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    Decrease In Primary Care Physicians

    The Nine Forces Converging On Primary Care: #6 Prospective PCPs Are Voting With Their Feet

    There’s a perfect storm positioned over primary care medicine and a dwindling stream of new primary care doctors is one ...
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    Primary Care Pessimism

    The Nine Forces Converging On Primary Care: #5 Pessimism Numbs Progress

    In a series of nine blogs, we’ve been looking at the Perfect Storm and its metaphoric counterpart in primary care ...
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    A large part of the prescription drug expenditures are related to increased utilization. But overall costs are increasing nonetheless.

    The Nine Forces Converging On Primary Care: #4 The Pharmaceutical Revolution

    Throughout the history of medicine and particularly in the past two decades, innovative drug treatments offer a remarkable record of ...
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    Growing numbers of primary care physicians across America are struggling to make the business end of their practice work.

    The Nine Forces Converging On Primary Care: #3 Longer Workdays, Reduced Reimbursement and Failing Practices

    In The Familiar Physician: Saving Your Doctor in the Era of Obamacare, I wrote that the looming possibility of financial ...
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    Physicians & The Rise in Baby Boomers

    The Nine Forces Converging On Primary Care: #2 The Baby Boomer Tsunami

    On the subject of the Perfect Storm and its metaphoric equivalent that threatens primary care medicine, I wanted to offer ...
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    The ACA hasn’t created the primary care crisis in America, but it will reveal the fractures in the current system.

    The Nine Forces Converging On Primary Care: #1 The Affordable Care Act

    In the last blog we looked at the Perfect Storm and its metaphoric counterpart, the forces that loom on the ...
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    Accountable Care Organization (ACO)

    What Is An ACO?

    When a patient is signed up under an ACO, they are not obligated to seek services from only the providers ...
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    Primary Care Team

    To Avert The Crisis, Fix The Inefficiency

    Fixing this inefficiency should be our first focus before we begin building a team around physicians. Adding nurse practitioners to ...
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    Decreases in physician productivity is a growing issue. Recent studies report that 3 out of 5 patients feel as though their doctor is rushing through the exam.

    News Flash Physicians! Cutting Corners Won’t Improve Your Productivity

    It’s inevitable, in order to meet the needs of our culture, primary care physicians have to see more patients. In ...
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    Emergency Room Effects on Accessibility

    Emergency Rooms: Primary Care’s Substitute For Accessibility

    Providing access to quality care outside of the emergency room, like primary care offices, will lead to more cost efficient ...
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    Accountability and Patient Engagement

    Accountability Vital For Patient Engagement

    Accountability empowers patients to be the decision maker for their health. It also allows their doctor to guide them toward ...
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